Art & Graphics

VR Kinect Space-Painting Spin-Art
As if Kinect is spewing paint into the 3d-reconstructed room. 
Moving the HMD results in a paint-splattering, spin-art effect on the monitor.

Incoming Transmission

Kinect Music Visualizer and DJ Interface at Gamescape 2012

Kinect 3d capture

Earth Day/Night Atmosphere Shader

Volume Rendering

Volume rendered music visualizer.

3D Volume-Rendered Music Visualizer

Lighting and shading with a simple volume renderer...
Made in XNA starting with the tutorial here.

A bonsai tree with an exotic transfer function.
Colors are mapped to density values and linearly 
interpolated across the entire volume.

A "bucky ball" with random color assigned to each depth slice.

All-Seeing Bonsai


Tree Generator using the Space Colonization Alogorithm