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Sinc VR is coming soon...

Sinc is a game about terraforming Mars.

The core gameplay revolves around growing and designing plants in your greenhouse and transplanting them to the Martian environment.

As time passes, the process of ecological succession plays out: some plant species thrive, some die out, but the Martian ecosystem continually changes and becomes more complex.

I am doing my best to create a scientifically accurate simulation in regards to botanyplant growth and competition, and Martian processes. The game is currently in a research phase.


Sinc debuted in 2d prototype form at Gamescape 2012

Sinc Gamescape 2012 Gameplay

In this prototype, gameplay on the Martian surface is limited to collecting rocks and exploring an initially barren landscape. To pass the time, "The Colonist" induces years of hibernation by entering a hyper-sleep chamber. While sleeping, The Colonist dreams up a Tron-like world and plays a series of arcade mini-games. He soon finds that his actions in these games affect the Martian world as he sleeps, and awakes to find that a dead, dry landscape now supports many interesting new life forms...