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Requires XNA 3.1

Light is a 2D puzzle-platformer made by the UMBC Game Developer's Club.

Light features a translucent humanoid creature named Seethru.  Seethru's crystalline body gives him special abilities as light passes through him.  Long ago, a dark spell was cast by a foul creature living deep under Firefly Forest.  Seethrus, who once flourished in the Forest, were forced to leave, as they are powerless and fragile without light.  Our hero, Seethru, has bravely returned to rid the Forest of evil and restore Light to the Forest so that his kind can return.  Seethru has allies in the forest -- fireflies. Using their light, he is able to use his special powers to make his way deeper into the forest.

The core puzzle mechanic is solving reflection and refraction puzzles.  Seethru must travel through dark portals in order to advance deeper into the forest.  Before he can travel through a portal, it must be activated by shining light on it.  Seethru has the power to shine light, but only while standing in light.  Luckily, there are reflective/refractive objects scattered throughout the forest.  Seethru's task is to rotate and move these objects into the correct place so that when he shines light on them, it bounces off and activates a portal.

Light Artscape Demo

The Artscape 2011 demo is free to download as a ccgame file (XNA Creator's Club/App Hub).  To play a ccgame file, you must have XNA Game Studio installed on your pc.
The published executable is coming soon, as soon as I make some changes, improvements, and upgrade to XNA 4.

You will want to use the Xbox 360 controller.  You will learn the controls in-game.

Left Joystick - Move, Crouch, Stand
A - Jump (double jump when powered up)
B - Climb / rotate objects
X - Shoot Light (only when standing in light)
Y - Glide

Keyboard (I know these are a little unwieldy; this is an Xbox game.  I'll come back and fix these soon, especially if you complain.)
Arrow keys - Move

Space - Jump
S - Climb
F - Shoot Light
E - Glide
B - Rotate objects


To see how the game progressed over the semester, here is a glimpse of Light as of April 2010 at UMBC's Undergraduate Research and Creative Achievement Day (URCAD):