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Fire Forest

Download at the Fire Forest Global Game Jam page.
Requires XNA 3.1

Fire Forest is a real-time puzzle strategy game made during the 2011 Global Game Jam.
I was the lead programmer of this project.  Fire Forest was developed for XNA 3.1 using the FlatRedBall engine.

The player must attempt to grow a forest by planting one seed a time -- with the constant threat of forest fires setting the entire board ablaze.  
Trees must be watered until they are ripe and their fruit can be picked, giving the player more seeds to plant.
Watch out for Storm Clouds... lightning can strike randomly on the tile below.  If it hits a flammable piece of land (grass or tree), a fire will start and quickly spread to all adjacent flammable tiles. 
Direct the path of all clouds by changing the wind direction.
Build your forest wisely -- rocks can protect your trees from fire.  Spread out or your entire forest will catch fire quickly.
Clicking a Rain Cloud over a fire will extinguish it, and also temporarily create a blockade so that a fire may safely burn out.

The theme of the 2011 Global Game Jam was EXTINCTION.  Hence, you can't avoid your entire forest burning down eventually.  Sorry.  Try to pick as many fruits as possible before your forest turns into a blazing inferno.

Fire Forest was the winner of the "Best Game"  and  "Best Expression of the Theme" awards at the 2011 Global Game Jam, Baltimore site.

Fire Forest Global Game Jam 2011